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SpyderCo “Dragonfly” Knife

Engraving Transfer Kit  ©

Purchase the full Kit: Transparency, Delica Casting, Instruction Manual, and a boxed SpyderCo Dragonfly Knife, with shipping within the USA:            $185.00

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Transparency Transfer Sheet

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Completed Engraved Dragonfly Knife

By Mike Dubber

Our second SpyderCo Knife product is the design, including both right and left side designs, for the “Dragonfly” Lockable Blade Knife.  This  design set includes the Engraving Transfers Transparency, a boxed  SpyderCo Dragonfly Knife, a Full Instruction Set, and a Delica Knife Casting depicting Mike Dubber’s shading and backgrounding in vivid detail.

We are currently planning to sell this product in either of the  following two configurations:

 1) The transparency, Instruction Set, Delica Casting, and a Boxed Dragonfly Knife

 2) The transparency, Instruction Set, and Delica Casting (w/o knife)

Please Note: We have decided not to produce two different castings for our Spyderco Transfer Kits, ie, one for the Delica Knife, and one for the Dragonfly Knife.  We have, instead, decided to just create one casting, for the Delica Knife, which is to be used by both products.  We feel that Mike’s Scroll, Leaf, and Shading style is consistent in both designs, and that one can sufficiently study Mike’s engraving style with just the Delica Casting.  

Also Note, that there are some very high resolution photos of the Dragonfly knife on this site which can also be studied - note the photo below, just click on the photo.   

 Delica Knife Casting

By Mike Dubber

SpyderCo Dragonfly Transfer Kit Instruction Manual

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Purchase the Basic Kit: Transparency, Delica Casting, and Instruction Manual (w/o Knife), with shipping within the USA:                                              $85.00

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