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The Colt Python Transfer System©

Dealing with a Different Factory Barrel Stamping

By Mike Dubber

This tutorial is meant to show how I created a variation the Transfer Patterm(s) for the Python I'm currently working on now.

The problem was that the factory stampings, on both sides of this barrel, were not centered like all of the other Colt Python barrels that I have engraved.  I have no idea why Colt would not stamp these messages centered on some Python barrels and  not on others. In any case, the message “PYTHON” on the left side was stamped offset to the breech end of the barrel, and the other lettering on the right side was was stamped offset toward the muzzle end of the barrel ???

When I laid out the scrolls with my transfers, they just didn't look right.  So I placed the front muzzle transfer as per normal, used a partial of the rear transfer, and then used both of the bottom scroll sets (on barrel counter weight) and let them run from the center.  It was easy to make up the double image by cutting and pasting the two smaller scroll sets in order to make the scroll pattern generate from the center.

Top Python lettering stamped to the left side of barrrel Python lettering stamped to the right side of barrrel