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Engraving Transfer Versatility

by Mike Dubber


The question has been asked several times, “Can I use Engraving Transfers for applications other than their intended use on firearms?”   My answer is always the same, “Yes, of course, please use them anywhere they will fit, or any place where you can alter them to fit a particular space.”  Les and I have designed these Transfers with a scroll style that is compatible with the heritage of Colt Engraving.  Likewise, these scrolls are recognized generically as American Scroll Patterns, and they are adaptable to many varied applications.

I recently engraved a brass plate for a special engraving display that will be shown at the Colt Collectors Association meeting in Denver, October 4 -7.  I only had three words and a logo to engrave, but more importantly, I had a large space to fill.  As I laid this plate out I started thinking about the responses I had given to the central question of this discussion.  I had some used Transfers scattered on my desk from a Ruger Vaquero the Les and I are co-engraving as a special project for the 2010 Transfer Kit.

The results are what you see in this photo.  I found that the barrel scrolls were a perfect fit when mirrored across the top – and if I mirrored them again down the sides, they fit there as well.  I had to adjust the leading scroll on the downward run, but with just a little careful fitting, I had created a reasonable transition.

Two things are apparent and important.  First, these scroll Transfers had already been used to layout the barrel of the Ruger Vaquero…and they are still good for several more image transfers, so they will stay in an envelope for another use later on.  Secondly, I saved a significant amount of time laying out this brass plate – once the idea came to mind, it was laid out in less than five minutes and I was into engraving instead of drawing scrolls!


Engraving Transfer Versatility in Barrel Design

by Les Schowe

I recently engraved a Colt Single Action Army revolver with a 7½ inch barrel using the Engraving Transfers 2010 design kit.  Our 2010 design kit is sized for either a 4¾ inch or a 5½ inch barrel.   When I placed the design on a 7½ inch barrel there was a large space between the barrel breech and the muzzle designs which looked somewhat awkward.  I filled the space with the Ejector-Rod-Housing design from the 1800’s design kit.  The space is now filled and looks much nicer.

We thought that it would be interesting to show what one of our customers, John Pilkington, has done with some of his left over transfers from the 2010 SAA Transfer Kit that he has purchased.  John has cleverly engraved these copper bracelets using some of his left over transfer scrolls.