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The “Cowboy Shooter”  Single Action Army Transfer Kit ©

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Transparency Transfer Sheet

Cowboy Shooter Design Casting, which depicts our example of shading and background cutting techniques

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Please click here to see an example of Mike Dubber’s engraving of the Cowboy Shooter design on a Ruger New Vaquero.

Engraving Transfer Systems presents the new “Cowboy Shooter Transfer kit©”. This Kit is created with a larger set of scrolls and is designed to create a Single Action Army style revolver engraving for the completive shooting market.  These scrolls are larger and less complicated than the current 1800’s and 2010 Kits and afford the engraver with a style that requires less time to produce.       

This highly visible scroll style is intended for fast-shooting competition SAA Western Revolvers with a flair for the dramatic!  It is designed to be cut in 35 hours or less, depending on the engraver’s skill level.

Firearms Engraving Transfer Kits©  offers the engraver the option of using more or less surface coverage, and the same is true for the Cowboy Shooter. The full Kit will cover approximately 50% of the metal surface. The center blackstrap area has been left open for names and initials, but specially for placement of a SASS Alias.

The Cowboy Shooter Transfer Kit was specifically designed for the durable Ruger New Vaquero, but with minor adjustments it can easily be used for the Colt Single Action Army and any of the SAA clones.

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