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Auxiliary Colt SAA Flute & Barrel Designs Engraving Transfer Kit  ©

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This Engraving Transfers Transfer-Kit incorporates some new designs for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver Cylinder Flutes, and the 5 ½ inch barrel.  

These designs were created by Mike Dubber a while ago in the 1800’s and the 2010 SAA product sets, but were just recently produced into a Transfer Kit. Mike’s cutting of these designs can by studied on the existing Colt 1800’s and the 2010 castings which are for sale on this site.

These designs are quite nice and interesting, and there are enough designs included so that one can practice cutting on practice-plates before actually cutting the gun.   

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Auxiliary Colt SAA Flute and Barrel Transfer Kit Instruction Manual

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Auxiliary Colt SAA Flute and Barrel Transfer Kit