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     Mike Dubber and Les Schowe have developed the Firearms Engraving Transfer System© to assist engravers through the process of learning and understanding how to engrave historically accurate scroll patterns on Colt Firearms. The System was designed to deliver a proven direct transfer method of accurately placing the scrolls and patterns on the steel surface. The casting that is included with the kit provides visual examples of how those scrolls and patterns should be cut, back grounded, and detailed.  

     Each of these Engraving Transfer Kits will include three components:

1) Les Schowe’s inkjet transparency sheet that contains transferable firearm scrolls and geometric designs generated from the original steel Master Plate© that was hand engraved by Master Engraver Mike Dubber. Each of these designs can be transferred from the inkjet transparency to the various gun metal surfaces for engraving via a burnishing technique.  

2) A casting of Mike Dubber’s original Master Plate© that illustrates his personal style of outlining, shading, and back grounding cutting techniques for the finished scrolls.  The casting is included to provide a visual guide to assist the engraver through the processes of developing their own personal style of engraving.

3) A complete set of instructions on how to use our Engraving Transfer Kit©.

     Please note: transfer solutions and burnishers are not included in the basic kit.  Transfer Magic can be obtained from Tom White at .  Burnishers can be purchased at your local art store or from various on-line sources  


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